Which is Which?

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A Mule Deer and a Whitetail. Can you tell which is which?

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  1. To me they both look more like a whitetail but if I had to guess the Mulie is on the right and whitetail on the right. What is the answer?

  2. nick

    mule deer on right, white tail on left. muley has much wider spread and greater tine length which is a major difference in most mule deer/whitetail deer sightings

  3. Gary

    Those are both great whitetails. No Mule deer in that truck.

  4. danny kotek

    They are both whitetail.the dark one is from farther north,where fall sets in a little sonner.startihg to get winter coat. The lighter one still has his summer coat. So he lived in a little to the south,where fall is alittle behind. I live n.western s.d. & our whttail get a dark redish grey up here when she hits 30 below & wind tripen the wind guage at a steady 40. But I could be wrong & it could be a jean to.

  5. danny kotek

    But they are 100% whitetail

  6. Zack

    Both look like whitetail to me, but the right could be a whitetail-mule cross. Would have to see the rear end to be sure.

  7. spike

    I only see whitetail in that truck . Usually the mule deer is bigger than the whitetail. I think this might be a Trick question. I hunt at http://www.peartreegameranch.com and that’s what the whitetail look like. Again no mule deer in that truck.

  8. this is a no brainer i believe,as the whitetail is on the left and muley on the right.Coloring of coat and snout,also longer snout and look to the whitetail.

  9. Zane

    Ya the white tail is on the left and mule deer is on the right , look at the ears on the muley they have a black stripe, its bigger bodied, bigger snout, and i will admit the rack is shaped like a white tail but its because the of the angle the picture is taken at.

  10. MarcWard

    I’m gonna say some are dumber than others due to the simple fact they are blind. Look at the antler formation of the two deer. One is a cross for sure and one is a whitie! If you don’t know your deer you should not be hunting!

  11. HuntinPete

    I agree with the above comment look at the antlers- clearly a whitey on the left but you would think mule on the righ but when you look close the tines come from the main beam, maybe a cross, but the brow tines on a Muley are NEVER that tall-

  12. ray

    the one on the right is a mule look at the ears a mule deer has ears that a large (and look like the come off a mule)

  13. After 10 mins I am still confused because both looks like same. One must have used very good hunting rifle to kill these whitetails.

  14. Mule deer NEVER have brow tines like those bucks…NEVER! They are both whitetails..if you think either are muleys then you are retarded and need to get off the flouride.

  15. Ray

    Whitetail deer (left) and mule deer (right)

  16. Andrew

    Right is an awesome white tail. The left according to the article I just read. The split on the main beam is Miley(black tail)

  17. B

    Right is a muley and left is a white tail…. BIG DIFFERENCE

  18. Isaac

    Im not a hunter yet but I’ve been studying deer. They are both white tail deer. If you look at the antlers they all point off a main beam while muleys fork evenly. He only difference between the two is the one on the right is from a farther north part where white tails are generally bigger than the one on the right which is from farher down south

  19. And you can tell my the white ring around the eyes and white on the throat and belly

  20. Layne

    There is no doubt the Whitetail on the left Mule deer on the right. At least in Canada that is how they grow them. Whitetail are lighter coloured and the Mule deer are darker. Also the Mule deer on the right has the proper ears for a mulie. And the racks do not even look similar.

  21. Layne

    And we have 6 Mule deer does in our back yard right now and 1 Whitetail buck.

  22. mary beth lyndall

    Both whitetails the one thats supposed to be a nule deer it has to small of ears to be a mule deer.

  23. Colorado Hunter

    Wow… a lot of people on here who should never go deer hunting. If you think there is a muley in that truck, please put your gun back in the gun safe and go sign up for an approved hunter education course.

  24. Browning Gal

    Clearly the person who took/posted this picture stated that one was a mule deer and one is a white tail. As an experienced hunter with both of these species in my backyard. On the left (drivers side) is a Mule deer…. Mule deer bucks’ antlers fork from the beam and then fork again. “notice the faces. The mule deer face is mostly white from the nose to the eyes, but the whitetail’s face is mostly brown like the rest of their fur. The whitetail only has white rings around its eyes and nose. If you do a google image search for mule deer and whitetail deer, you’ll start to recognize this pattern pretty quickly.” White-tailed bucks’ antlers consist of a main beam with tines growing out from that beam. Which makes the deer on the right of the picture a whitetail buck. Size doesn’t matter because of age, terrains, other factors theyou can be the same size. These are actual facts about both species. Google it yourself!



  25. Browning Gal

    Here in Alberta Canada last year (2013) hunting season, we got a mule deer buck and a white tail deer buck and they were both the same colors and size. Their rumps (tails/buts) and above factors is how we could tell the difference.
    Happy 2014 Hunting!

  26. Irving

    Right is the muley left is the whitetail. The mule has some bigass ears hence the name and the rack forks off quite a bit. The whitetail rack has one main tine and the others branch from it.

  27. Mulie hunter

    The one on the left is awhite tail deffinetly and on right is mulie look at the rack mule deer have darker racks and bigger spreds and also the hide is a lot darker so defnite mule deer

  28. As an avid hunter and blogger of whitetail I would have to say Miley on the right as a mule deer generally has a much more grey coat, longer snout with a white tint.

  29. Preston

    There both whitetail

  30. matin

    Obviously both whitetail

  31. Bill G

    How could two deer from the same species in one geographic area look so different? A whitetail for sure, perhaps a cross or a Miley on the right,,

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