Apply for a Mule Deer tag in Nevada

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The dealine for applying to obtain a Nevada Mule Deer tag is April 18. To obtain a bonus point you must purchase a license and pay a $10 bonus point fee if applying for a bonus point only. The deer tag is $240. Other fees include a predator fee of $3 and an application fee of $3.50. Tag quotas are up a little from last year. There is a chance of drawing a tag with zero bonus points. If you fail to submit a harvest report you will skip a year being able to apply for a tag.

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  1. blake hisey

    its been 4 or 5years sence i applyed for tag. i had 1 point at the time. do i stil have that point ? i would like to start applying again.
    thanx . blake

  2. Blake, go here to find out:

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