Utah Black Bear attacks Young Girl

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In the summer of 1992, a young girl of nine years was attacked by a Utah black bear while she was sleeping in the camper on her grandparent’s truck. The girl’s name was Krystal Gadd and the attack occurred near Strawberry Reservoir. Krystal was mauled and scalped by the bear – and quite likely would not have survived had her grandfather not assaulted the bruin with a large flashlight. The bear was attempting to haul Krystal away while still inside her sleeping bag, but the sleeping bag got hung up on a barbed wire fence. Grandpa Gadd attributed his success at warding off the bear to an unseen spiritual presence.

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  1. Karen Moore

    I am still amazed by this story especially as my Great Uncle replayed this to me and my husband 6 years ago following my Mother’s death. What an amazing and terrifying story and the clear resolution was to shine a flashlight into the bears eyes and to hit it with the flashlight and yell at it as his granddaughters sleeping bag got caught up in the fencing wire. Certainly there was a Devine presence in those early hours but also my Great Uncle’s intimidating stature. His feeling is that she went to bed with candy in her pockets. As an avid outdoor person along with my entire family, take heed to this story and make sure all food items are clearly stored properly. Personally, my uncle did not have time to grab a gun and just responded to Krystal’s screaming and then realized it was a bear. We take bear spray now every time we hike or camp.


  2. I appreciate your input. Bears are dangerous, particularly if they have been relocated because of being trouble makers in another area.

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