Utah Shed Antler Permits

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According to Tom Wharton of the Deseret News, in Salt Lake City, 10000 people have applied for shed antler permits in Utah as of March 12

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  1. nick

    I think its complete BS to requires permit to gather natural dropped antler you stupid knuckleheads are making Utah a crappy state to fish hunt and to do anything. You guys can take a hike. I will never get your stupid antletpermit

  2. rudabob

    i love the idea of educating horn hunters on the effects they have on are animals and land during the so important spring months. i live in wyoming and have seen the bad impact of mostly uneducated and disrespectful people mostly guys from utah. and now we can’t horn hunt until may 1st.

  3. where can i find mule deer sheds in utah

  4. On winter ranges primarily in the Southern part of the state

  5. nick

    if you have taken hunter education…..I see no need for a antler permit. people need to use common scence and not harass the animals and go onto land that they are not suppose to. i have gatherd some of the biggest mule deer sheds you will ever see. all on public land. as long as people dont chace the animals and put stress on them, i see no harm in anybody goin after sheds.

  6. Cj

    Find shed horns

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