Mule Deer Tag Auctions

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Mule Deer in New Mexico

$$$$$$$  Is it all about money?  $$$$$$$

What is being done with the money to benefit the average mule deer hunter?

New Mexico has way less mule deer than habitat for them.

$145k could keep me killing predators night and day for three years. Don’t you think New Mexico should hire me to help the deer herd before they start planting more sage brush for the mule deer that aren’t there?


Auction nets $568,000 for NM big-game licenses

SANTA FE — New Mexico has gained $568,000 from auctions for special big-game hunting licenses.

The state Department of Game and Fish says that the auctions are an important fundraising tool and that the money is used for big game habitat and conservation.

A hunter from Washington bid $172,000 for a package of hunts – deer, elk, pronghorn, oryx and ibex – at the recent annual Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation National Convention in Reno, Nev. A second package sold for $145,000 to a hunter from California at the Mule Deer Foundation Convention in Salt Lake City.

In addition, a Tennessee hunter bid $90,000 for an elk license, a hunter from Illinois bid $90,000 for a bighorn sheep license, and an Arizona hunter bid $71,000 for a mule deer license, the department said.

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