Apply for a Mule Deer Tag in Nevada

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The deadline for applying to obtain a Nevada Mule Deer tag is April 16. To obtain a bonus point only, you must purchase a license and pay a $10 bonus point fee. The deer tag is $240. Other fees include a predator fee of $3 and an application fee of $3.50. Tag quotas are up a little from last year. There is a chance of drawing a tag with zero bonus points. If you fail to submit a harvest report you will skip a year being able to apply for a tag.

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  1. deerhunter

    i got drawn for units 43-46.does anyone have any tips on where to hunt there.thanks.

  2. Hi Deerhunter,

    Please specify the state, assume Nevada, and post your question in the forum. Thanks.

  3. deerhunter

    yes, nevada. sorry. have any tips in units 43-46. thanks

  4. excellent post! I just loved it 🙂

  5. deerhunter

    hey is anyone on the web?

  6. I’m not familiar with that area, but I have hunted Nevada. Find water and go high – is what I suggest. Nevada deer are not afraid of open country. They run forever when spooked. Hunt across canyons from timbered to open side. Post your question in the forum.

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