Apply to Hunt Mule Deer in Wyoming

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March 15 is the deadline for applying for a deer hunt in Wyoming.  You may apply online. Fees must be paid in advance. There are three prices to keep in mind: 1) Special Deer – $566; 2) Regular Deer – $326; and 3) Preference Point – $40. Each price includes a non-refundable application fee of $14. Add $40 to the price of application fees if you want a preference point for not drawing. Forty percent of tags are reserved for applicants who pay the higher fee. Seventy-five percent of available draw tags are allocated to individuals with the highest preference points; 25% are available for random drawing using random numbers assigned to applicants. Preference points may be purchased between July 1 and September 30. If you don’t apply for two consecutive years, you lose your preference points. DRAWING A LICENSE AS A SECOND OR THIRD CHOICE DOES NOT CAUSE PREFERENCE POINTS TO BE DELETED FROM YOUR ACCOUNT.

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    I am interested in sending my husband on a guided hunt. Im not really sure how to go about this. Can you please email me any information that will be helpful to me.

  2. It’s a little late for this year to get a guided hunt in Wyoming. Some outfitters may have cancellations. Google “Wyoming guided mule deer hunts” and see what comes up.

  3. KEvin

    wow. you’re awesome. I wish my wife did this!

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