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Wolf Hunt Swedish Style

Posted by on Monday, 15 February, 2010

Wolves in Sweden have been protected for many years, but now the Swedes are getting a little less than happy with their wolves. The Swedish EPA ( no wildlife agency there ) wants to limit the number of wolves to no more than 210, so they allowed for 27 wolves to be harvested this year.

The wolves are eating things they shouldn’t and are habitating places they shouldn’t, DUH. When Norway recently announced a wolf hunt, Sweden opposed. They have since re-thought the matter.

Over 10,000 hunters registered to hunt. Hunters can only keep the hide and must turn the rest in within 24 hours of harvest.

More Cat Problems

Posted by on Tuesday, 9 February, 2010

In Helena, Montana they kill mule deer for being a public nuisance. Heaven forbid that anyone should kill a mountain lion – public threat or not.


Jan 7, 2010

BOULDER, Colo. — The Colorado Division of Wildlife captured a mountain lion on Boulder’s University Hill Wednesday.A pair of dogs chased the cougar into a tree near Sixth Street and College Avenue. That’s where Division of Wildlife officers sedated the animal.Officers attached a radio collar to the mountain lion before he was relocated. He is now part of a 5-year mountain lion study being conducted by the Division of Wildlife. The study is in its second year.

The Division of Wildlife is tracking the mountain lion’s home range. “We are also trying to find new tools for managing lions that we can add to our arsenal beyond relocating or killing them,” according to DOW spokeswoman Jennifer Churchill.