Did you draw in Nevada?

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This year, Nevada posted draw results in a record 48 hours. If you applied, click NEVADA 2009 DRAW RESULTS, to see if you drew a tag.

Hunters who see their names listed as successful should check that they have sufficient balances on their credit cards; also check whether there have been any changes (address changes or credit card expiration date changes can also cause problems). If you are shown as successful and need to report credit card changes, call Systems Consulting, Inc. at 1-800-576-1020 M-F, from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.


Over 50,000 hunters sent in 151,000 applications for 22,164 big game tags available in the draw. There are still 1,191 tags remaining after the first draw. Remaining tags are available for eligible hunters, including those who did not apply in the first draw. For more information go to www.huntnevada.com.

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