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Washington State Deer Hunt Starts Soon

Posted by on Saturday, 27 September, 2008

Washington State Mule Deer Hunt

Itching to go Deer HuntingAre you just itching to get out there and do some deer hunting? October 11 marks the begining of the Washington State rifle deer hunt. According to reports, the bowhunters have had a good time of it. You rifle hunters get out there and find us a big buck. We always appreciate stories and pictures to go with them. Go to our contact page or send your stories and pictures to:

CLICK:  WASHINTON REGS for Washington State hunting Regs.

Texas Bowhunt Starts Saturday

Posted by on Thursday, 25 September, 2008

Texas Bowhunt for Mule Deer

Texas Mule Deer HuntingSaturday, September 27, marks the opening assault on Texas Mule Deer as bowhunters take to the woods and hills. Mule Deer numbers are up according to some reports. I’m not sure there is any state that can match Texas in terms of the number of bowhunters, so get out there early and shoot a big buck. You’ll likely be competing with 99,999 other hunters, but then Texas is a big place.

Happy Hunting   Happy Hunting and May the Force be with You.

Picking up antlers may be illegal

Posted by on Wednesday, 24 September, 2008

What is the world coming to? What direction are we headed? Anti-hunters need only wait a few more years and the state wildlife agencies will have taken away all hunting privileges and confiscated all weapons.

Antlers confiscated by Utah DWR:

A Utah man picked up a set of trophy antlers in Colorado and was prosecuted in Utah because it is illegal in Utah to possess antlers naturally attached to a skull unless those antlers were legally harvested. The antlers were confiscated through court action and the man was fined $217.00.

Hunters kill Nice Wyoming Bucks

Posted by on Friday, 19 September, 2008

Two Wyoming hunters and their bucks:

Big Wyoming Muley Buck

Trophy Wyoming Mule Deer

Wyoming Wolves now hammering the BIG bucks

Posted by on Thursday, 18 September, 2008

Who says wolves only kill the weak? If a hunter had done this there would be a price to pay.Buck killed by wolves

Big buck falls to wolves

Arizona Strip Buck

Posted by on Sunday, 14 September, 2008

Friend and fellow blogger, Kevin Paulson, sent me this photo of a recent Arizona Strip Buck killed by a hunter named John. Visit Kevin’s website by clicking on the Hunting Life link in the sidebar.2008 Arizona Strip Buck

Good work, John

Observations from 2008 Archery Hunt

Posted by on Saturday, 13 September, 2008

I have wondered why there are lots of acorns some years, and none other years. Acorns are reportedly important to mule deer in building fat reserves for winter. I have also wondered why some years the muley bucks grow very good antlers and other years, they don’t.

My observation for this year is that there are almost no acorns, at least in northern Arizona and southern Utah, and that it is a good horn-growing year.

I believe I know why there are no acorns. We had an early, warm spring – followed by a late hard frost. Since then, we have had a wet fall. I believe this weather pattern is also responsible for the good antlers we have been seeing. It has been quite a few years since I have seen so many big, heavy antlered bucks in general.

Heavy-horned velvetbuck

So, I will say to you rifle hunters: Don’t shoot the first buck you see. There are not a lot of bucks, but there are some good ones.

The bucks are also in very good shape already in spite of a lack of acorns.